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Property Management Companies
In Mallorca there are several companies that specialise in managing your property while you're abroad. Their services can include full preparation of your property prior to your arrival including cleaning of house, garden and pool, filling up of fridges, complete dressing of rooms and terraces, pick-up from the airport, booking of restaurants, spas and other leisure activities amongst other things.

Likewise, they deal with all daily matters of your property from changing light bulbs to fixing any broken machinery or furniture as well as all paperwork, which can be substantial.

The costs for such services vary, but often there is a possibility to pay by the hour or sign up for a monthly fee and just leave it all in their hands.

We are happy to put you in contact with several Property Management Companies so you can see what they offer and find the one that suits you best.

Gestorias / Legal Service Companies Another option in property management is to contract the services of a Legal Service Company/Gestoria. Such companies generally deal with all paper matters for the property and make sure your yearly tax report is handed in correctly and promptly. Some of these companies work closely with lawyer firms while others have them integrated. They normally charge a monthly or annual fee for their services.

As always, here at MJC, we are happy to put you in contact with companies that will make the buying/selling process simpler for you. We are familiar with several Gestorias/Legal Service Companies and Property Management Companies we can provide details for, so you can familiarise yourself with their offerings and find the one for you.


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