History & Culture of Mallorca

The rustic beauty of Mallorca was first formed when the island was discovered by the Romans in the 8th century. For five centuries they brought peace and prosperity, along with wine, olives and Christianity, and constructed cities at Pollentia (now Alcudia) and Palmaria (Palma). Further conquests by Vandals, Byzantines and Moors finally saw the Islanders surrender in 902. Early Roman buildings, public baths, historic towns and villages with their houses, churches and windmills dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries are still prominent today.

Leaping forward through time, past further invasions and civil wars; in 1960 the pulse of mass tourism began to beat in Mallorca, with beaches, hotels and the island's airport proving the pull which would see tourism replace agriculture and fishing as Mallorca's main source of income. Since the mass tourism bubble burst, a new, more attractive, greener and more sophisticated face of Mallorca has slowly appeared.

From rustic property and fincas to luxury villas, Mallorca has something for everyone. And celebrities from far and wide now favour Mallorca's exclusive resorts, stunning coastline and peaceful lifestyle.

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